Trails & Camping Conditions

Below are descriptions of the trails and the camping at various locations at which MDDA competes. The name(s) of the ride(s )which is/are held at that location are listed in parentheses. Note that trail conditions can change depending on weather.
The first two miles of this trail are very rocky and hilly, with lots of fist-size rocks. The rest of the trail is mostly through woods or across open meadows. Some sections are very sandy. There are no water crossings, but sections often have puddles or muddy spots. Definitely recommend shoes or boots. The camping is abundant with numerous electric sites. There is a shower house with flush toilets on site. Some sites are drive through, many are back-in. Reservations recommended, but there are a few first-come, first-serve sites

This trail is mostly wooded or open meadows with a short stretch of road driving.  There is one hill which has been paved with small gravel.   A few small hills.  There is one small creek crossing.  Barefoot friendly.  The campsite has large back-in sites; almost all have electricity.  Illinois DNR does not like pens, but will allow them if they are not much bigger than the area near the hitching posts which are at each site.  No electric pens. There is a shower house with flush toilets on site.  Reservations recommend as it does fill up. 

This trail is mostly open prairie or wooded trails. Some sandy stretches. Some small hills. No water crossings. Barefoot friendly. Camping is rustic-no electric sites. For Mosquito Run, rigs get parked close together to make sure everyone has a spot. There are pit toilets on site.
Trails are mostly wooded with good footing except for some roots. A couple small hills. A couple sections which are “technical” with close tight turns. Stretches of road driving, with one part paved and another part sandy. A bridge crossing on the paved section of road. Barefoot friendly. Ample camping with corrals at most sites. Electric and water at most sites. If campground is full, rigs can be parked in the middle of the campground if you have your own pen or tie a horse to your trailer. Pit toilets.
Trails are wooded or open meadows. One section of gravel road. The north loop has a couple of steep hills. Barefoot friendly if you walk the gravel road. No water crossings, but there is one wooden bridge to cross on the southern loop. Several road crossings. Most sites are electric, about half are drive through. Most sites have pens. Reservations recommended for Colorama. There is a shower house with flush toilets on site.
Sandy trails with woods and meadows. Some stretches of deep sand on the south loop. A stretch of frequent tight turns. Some smaller hills. Barefoot friendly. Large camping area with electric and water at most sites. Campground has a “clubhouse” which gets used for ride meetings. There are flush toilets and showers in the clubhouse